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New wave of DMCAs from Alex Mauer seem to violate Settlement and Restraining Order

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If anyone has been the recipient of any DMCAs that were apparently sent by Alex Mauer recently (~3/31/2018), these documents may help you.

I have contacted the Judge’s Clerk and will update as I can. If you have received a DMCA from Mauer, you are welcome to contact me at

Thank you,

Alex Mauer’s agreement not to send more DMCAs: Imagos v. Mauer settlement agreement fully signed_Redacted

Restraining Order regarding DMCAs: TRO GRANTED 7_13_2017

Imagos files Motion to Strike the late response of Alex Mauer

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Earlier tonight, I filed a Motion requesting that the Judge in the Imagos v. Alex Mauer case “strike” (or remove) her late response from the record – and enter the Default that we’ve requested.

There are many great reasons why I think this Motion will be granted but ultimately it’s up to the Judge.

Thank you,

Our Memo in Support:


Our Motion to Strike:


Our Proposed Order:



My Affidavit in Support:


Exhibit A – The First Email to the Clerk


Exhibit B – The Second Email to the Clerk

The late response of Alex Mauer

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Alex has filed a late response. It appears that she attempted to submit an unsigned version on Sept 26th, 2017, after I submitted and served our Request for an Entry of Default, and then submitted a signed response on September 27th, 2017. The Judge’s Clerk had it put on the docket and made part of the record.

I will be filing an appropriate response asking the Judge to strike the response, dismiss her claims, impose sanctions for the late filing, and hold her in contempt for disobeying the Court’s Order. I will be asking the Judge to sustain the Entry of Default.

Interestingly, this response seems to admit many of Imagos’s allegations.



Imagos and Don Thacker request Default against Alex Mauer

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It being September 26th, 2017, and Judge Schiller having given Defendant a truly generous amount of time to respond, I have requested the Clerk of Court enter a Default against Alex Mauer, foreclosing her rights to respond in the case.

A Default Judgment is a two-step process. This is the first step. We are now preparing to ask the Court to make a finding that we own the copyrights at issue as well as a finding of the monetary damage done.

I will update again here shortly as things proceed.

THANK YOU for all of your support, love, kindness, and understanding in what is obviously not a typical copyright case.

Leonard French


(on desktop, hover mouse over docs and controls pop up at bottom)


Request for Entry of Default


Proposed Entry of Default


Affidavit in Support of Entry of Default

Imagos’ Application for TRO GRANTED

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My Motion requesting a Temporary Restraining Order on behalf of Imagos, maker of “Starr Mazer” and “Starr Mazer: DSP”, was GRANTED this morning by Judge Berle M. Schiller of the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

The Order is attached below. A Hearing has been scheduled for next Wednesday (7/19) at 9:30 AM (eastern). That hearing will determine whether a more permanent Order should issue.

Thank you all so much for your support. If you would like to financially support Imagos’ case, please see our fundraising effort here:

Leonard French, Esq.

TRO GRANTED 7_13_2017