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26 new Malibu Media cases in Eastern District in August

Cases represent new tactic for Plaintiff

By Leonard J. French – Posted: 31-August, 2013 – 12:32 EDT – Edited: 31-August, 2013 – 12:33 EDT

Attorney Chris Fiore, local counsel for Malibu Media here in Pennsylvania, filed 26 cases on the same day in August, each against a single John Doe.

I took some time to research each of them. The number of infringements shown in the complaints range from the teens to the sixties. If you have received a notce in one of these cases, please call me immediately. I can help you understand what you are facing. Option nine on my office voicemail goes to my mobile.

The case numbers are:

  • 2-13-cv-04557-JS
  • 2-13-cv-04558-SD
  • 2-13-cv-04560-JD
  • 2-13-cv-04561-TJS
  • 2-13-cv-04562-WY
  • 2-13-cv-04563-MSG
  • 2-13-cv-04564-LFR
  • 2-13-cv-04565-NIQA
  • 2-13-cv-04566-ER
  • 5-13-cv-04567-LS
  • 2-13-cv-04568-BMS
  • 2-13-cv-04569-RK
  • 2-13-cv-04570-LFR
  • 2-13-cv-04571-GP
  • 2-13-cv-04572-JHS
  • 2-13-cv-04573-RBS
  • 2-13-cv-04574-MMB
  • 2-13-cv-04575-HB
  • 2-13-cv-04576-GP
  • 2-13-cv-04577-MSG
  • 2-13-cv-04578-AB
  • 2-13-cv-04579-LDD
  • 2-13-cv-04580-NS
  • 2-13-cv-04581-WY
  • 2-13-cv-04582-JP
  • 2-13-cv-04583-JCJ

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