Copyright Subpoena, Summons, & Lawsuits

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Copyright Subpoenas, Summons, & Lawsuits

If you have received a subpoena from your internet service provider, and you searched for information about your case and found me, then you or someone you know are likely a defendant in a file-sharing, copyright lawsuit based on downloads that were allegedly done with your internet connection.

You need to act now. Please keep reading.

The Plaintiff is usually looking to settle the case instead of further action in court. I can help you decide how to proceed and represent you along the way. I usually counsel my clients to either settle their case or fight their case, not both. I work hard to save you as much money as possible – my fees almost always pay for themselves several times over.

I charge flat fees to negotiate a settlement and process your settlement payment. Usually, I can keep you anonymous, as well. If you instead decide that you’d like to fight the case, I can help you there, too. Where prudent, I can conduct a forensic-level investigation to aide in the both legal defense and cost control.

I handle your case, personally.

If you have special circumstances, I will work with you to represent your circumstances to the Plaintiff. It is often a delicate matter how much should be said and when.

If you have received a court summons (also know as a “notice of service” or “notice to defend”), then the pre-trial process has already begun. It is imperative that you contact me now. Failing to respond to the lawsuit can be the worst course of action.

I have represented over 400 defendants in these kinds of lawsuits, including litigating against Malibu Media (the largest copyright Plaintiff) in their first trial, ever. I’m familiar with the Plaintiff’s attorneys and can help you achieve the best outcome possible.

I am happy to discuss your case in detail with you via email or phone. Please don’t hesitate to call me at (888) 801-8681 or write me at


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