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Welcome to the Law Firm of Leonard J. French

When you need legal advice, you should turn to attorney Leonard J. French. Serving clients in areas of federal law and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Attorney French brings his years of experience serving customers in technology fields to his law practice.

You can expect top-notch customer service and quality legal advice and representation from attorney Leonard J. French. Integrity is the quintessential quality in a lawyer and Attorney French delivers.

Whether your needs are large or small, Mr. French can help you get the results you need. Intellectual property and the businesses that help make media possible need competent, diligent representation. In the Internet age, you need an attorney who understands the opportunities available in social media and user generated content.

"Being as Mr. French was my first personal experience with a lawyer, he proved to be the opposite of what common opinions would lead me to believe. He was very professional with all of our conversations and meetings, while showing true concern for using the least amount of my time. He was also sensitive to my situation and advised me in a fair and impartial manner. His knowledge of the laws and court procedures allowed him to break down every step of my case in order to explain it to me, since I was unaccustomed to any of it. If myself or any of my friends and family are in need of legal aid in Mr. French's field of expertise, I will be recommending him strongly. Thank you for your service, Leonard!"
- a Copyright client

Attorney Leonard J. French has the knowledge, experience, and skills you need. Contact him securely today:

Subpoena Notice?

If you have received notice of a subpoena or summons, please call me immediately at (610) 537-3537. I am happy to talk to you, free of charge, to explain what's happening, what you are facing, and what it will take to proceed.

I have represented over 150 defendants in copyright cases, including the first trial on bittorrent file-sharing in Philadelphia. I have the experience you need and a record you can trust.

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"It was an awesome decision to ask for help regarding copyright defense from Leonard J French. His insight and advice helped me through the situation with no bumps in the road. His services are very fairly priced, and his initial, free phone consultation was much longer than I expected, which really helped me understand the situation at hand before we even began to talk money. I would highly recommend Mr. French for any legal matters his firm covers."
- a Copyright client

"Leonard is one of the most personable and honest lawyer's I know. He's extremely fair honest and totally upfront. He does not waste time and gets the job done efficiently and knowledgeably. Through the whole process I can never say anything negative about him, any lawyers that I've ever had always seem to have a questionable side to them. I always felt comfortable dealing with Leonard. He always instilled confidence in a positive outlook on the case. Some lawyers that I've been out there for 15 to 30 years should take a lesson from Leonard. Genuine care honesty and fairness is what gets you business."
- a Copyright client